Treatment Trains and Holistic Land Management

treatment trains holistic land management

Water is often the topic of conversation; whether it’s about the rain or a drought, if we have too little or too much. A large part of our business is managing water. Not only do we sell storm water management products, but we host events where people can learn about the subject.

Ricardo Aguirre, the founder of Holistic Engineering Land Management, spoke at our Indianapolis headquarters about the impact of the water cycle on soil and how to leverage Mother Nature to create healing cycles of the land. By utilizing treatment trains, we can effectively manage the precious resource of water, like nature intended.

A treatment train is a sequence of multiple storm water treatments designed to meet the needs of an environment, to maximize results. The earth responds to treatment trains because it most closely mimics the original state of the land and water cycle.

When used in combination, Focal Point, R Tank, and PaveDrain form a treatment train that will yield increased project returns. As part of a holistic plan, they improve the condition, infiltration, and growth as determined by the holistic planning methodology.

Holistic planning for civil engineering increases the fertility of the land, decreases costs, and leads to job creation.

Thank you to CBBEL, WSP, Patriot, Shrewsberry, and APAI for attending.

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