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The Presto Geoweb® system is the original geocell cellular confinement system developed by Presto Geosystems over 30 years ago for creating solutions for erosion control. They offer the GeoWeb Porous Pavement System, GeoWeb Pavement Reduction and GeoWeb Load Support.

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  • Subgrade material failure or base material instability from unacceptable roads, parking and yards
  • Under concentrated or distributed loads, the three-dimension cellular structure confines infill material and controls shearing, lateral and vertical movement of the infill material
  • Base stabilization under paved surfaces/subsurfaces
  • Surface stabilization for unpaved permeable surfaces
  • Load distribution system over weak soils
  • Flexible concrete mat


  • Genuine Geoweb has always been manufactured in the USA from high-quality, high-strength polyethylene so quality and performance are always dependable
  • Highly effective, economical system
  • Reduces long-term maintenance requirements and costs
  • With permeable infill, reduces stormwater runoff and effectively performs as an on-site stormwater retention/detention “basin” storage, reducing need and cost of stormwater ponds


The D2 Breakdown…

Presto Geosystems GeoWeb system has been around for over 30 years. Their motto is creating sustainable environments.

~ Alan Sutkowski , PRESIDENT, CPESC

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