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Interface H2O creates the Watermatrix Treatment Systems and the Floc Hog to economically service a wide variety of stormwater, site dewatering and process water applications.  WaterMatrix™ equipment uses flocculation/chelation technology to capture and remove significant percentages of both suspended and dissolved contaminants within water (chemical remediation BMP).

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  • Applications include: stormwater form construction sites, turbid water generated by construction in rivers, streams and lakes
  • The Floc Hog is a quick and easy way to introduce polymers (PAM) to surface waters to reduce turbidity and improve water quality


  • WaterMatrix are portable treatment systems designed to specifically remove suspended solids from water
  • The Floc Hog systems are designed for easy setup and quick deployment
  • They can be used in many different types of pumps and connections and will deliver many hours of operation


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InterfaceH2O products are very helpful. The Flog Hog is very easy to store and clean, is made to handle various pump pressures and can be used with centrifugal or plunger pumps.

~ Alan Sutkowski , PRESIDENT, CPESC

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