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Dandy Products offers Dandy Bags, Dandy Curb Bags, Dandy Sacks, Dandy Curb Sacks, Dandy Curbs and Dandy Pops for stormwater management.

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  • Dandy offers a patented flagship bag is designed to take a lot of hard knocks – Dandy Bag – use the Dandy Bag with flat grates (including round) and mountable curbs to filter out all the sludgy sediment-laden storm water
  • When you need to be confident of your filtration system – Dandy Curb Bag – patented and designed for use on curb and gutter inlets to filter out the most stubborn sediment-laden storm water
  • Dandy Sack – this incredibly strong open-top bag is specially designed to hang underneath a storm grate to expertly filter the thickest sediment-laden storm water
  • Dandy Curb Sack is extremely popular because it can handle jobs big and small and can be reused again and again, with an open-top design it fits to any size curb and gutter inlet
  • The Dandy Curb is made especially for curb inlets and median inlets without grates. It’s designed to handle the worst that sludge-filled rainwater has to offer, filtering off sediment laden storm waters
  • Dandy Pop – it’s designed for use with flat field grates to filter sediment-laden water and pops up in second. It’s newly designed and hassle free so no more cumbersome silt fence or similar devices that either fall down or have infiltration points


  • Dandy products are known for their strength, quality, durability, ruggedness and toughness


The D2 Breakdown…

All Dandy products are patented and get the job done. Dandy is a one-stop-shop for all things stormwater management.


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