PaveDrain & Sandy Soils

One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversion in Downtown South Bend, IN.

PaveDrain and Sandy Soils

Imagine a heavy rainstorm with two to three inches of rain falling by the hour and the stormwater gushing through the storm pipes. If the stormwater and the waste water are traveling through the same pipes (CSO), it doesn’t take long for the water treatment plant to reach capacity and for untreated water to flow into the St. Joseph River and ultimately discharging into Lake Michigan. That’s a scenario for a pollution disaster that no one wants to happen. With PaveDrain, it doesn’t have to.

The PaveDrain system is the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and MAINTAINABLE permeable concrete pavement system in the market” and it’s absolutely perfect for sandy soils often found in South Bend, IN.

The city of South Bend was not only looking for the fastest infiltration rate of a permeable surface possible, but also for a system easy to maintain. PaveDrain’s high infiltration rate and ease of maintenance makes it the perfect choice.

South Bend, like many cities throughout the United States, have a combined sewer overflow situation. All of the water, both storm and waste, flow through the same pipes to the same place. But with PaveDrain, the stormwater doesn’t go through the sewer pipe, and it doesn’t need to be treated. PaveDrain quickly infiltrates and slowly releases stormwater into the ground. Because PaveDrain retains water and allows infiltration in the ground, it prevents too much water from going to the wastewater treatment plant and raw sewage discharging into the river.

PaveDrain reduces stormwater runoff and controls the flow as it moves through the open graded aggregate base. If preferred, the PaveDrain system can store the water to prevent a combined sewer overflow event from occurring. PaveDrain alleviates the problems associated with stormwater runoff and removes 80% TSS (total suspended solids) meeting stormwater quality goals.

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