Native Plants & Bank Stabilization


In 2005, a new housing development alongside Cool Creek in Hamilton County, Indiana was being built. In order to accommodate the development, many trees had to be removed leaving the stream along Cool Creek in need of stabilization. A local civil engineering firm looking to perform a mitigation planting in the development contacted D2 Land & Water Resource for assistance.

We conducted a shear stress analysis of the stream and its surrounding area. The analysis showed that turf reinforcement mats along with native plants would sufficiently stabilize the banks of Cool Creek.


Due to the low bank position of the turf reinforcement mats, we decided that pre-vegetated coir logs would provide sufficient long-term protection. In the event of flooding, the logs would initiate sediment deposition on top of the turf reinforcement mats. They would also provide a transition from the water to the mats.

After the banks of Cool Creek were graded, native plant seeds were sown and turf reinforcement mats were put over them. A BioNet 100% biodegradable erosion control blanket was placed over the native plant seeds on the upper bank and pre-vegetated coir logs were anchored over the turf reinforcement mats at the normal water elevation. The logs used in this case were twenty inches in diameter and the sediment deposition behind them ad on top of the turf reinforcement mats is in excess of twenty-four inches. This system provides a stream bank stabilization armor equivalent to twenty-four-inch rip rap.


Having been successfully established, even today the dormant native plant installation can still be seen through the turf reinforcement mats with the pre-vegetated coir logs visible in the low bank position protecting them. The natural system installed at Cool Creek provided the civil engineering firm and the housing developer with an approach acceptable to the permitting authorities of IDNR, IDEM, and the USACE.

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