D2 and the Environment

When you work with D2 Land & Water Resource, you can be confident that you’re working with a team of professionals with over 100 years combined experience. And you can feel good knowing that choosing D2 means you are ensuring your project is environmentally sound.

Here are 5 ways working with D2 helps the environment:


1. D2 offers green solutions for erosion and sediment control. Strong erosion and sediment control practices keep silt, debris, and waste out of our waterways for an improved aquatic habitat.

2. When geosynthetics and geogrids are used opposed to deep undercuts and structural fills, CO2 emissions are reduced because geotextiles limit the amount of earth moving and excavation required at a site. Reducing CO2 emissions improves our air quality.

3. Coir logs offer a natural solution for the stabilization of rivers, lakes, and streams. Coir is made from the eco-friendly coconut husk – a part of the versatile coconut that for years was discarded as waste.

4. Pervious and permeable pavements decrease flooding events and help to recharge groundwater. When using pervious and permeable pavements, the rainwater drains through the pavement and into the ground keeping all of that important water in the area instead of it being funneled through a pipe and pushed out to a river where it would flow away.

5. D2’s stormwater management solutions store, convey, and clean stormwater before it’s introduced into our rivers, lakes and streams making sure our waterways are clean and healthy for marine life and recreation.

If you’d like to discover how D2 Land & Water Resource can help you achieve your project goals, contact us today!