Hard and Soft Armor Techniques

In 2010, D2 Land & Water Resource was contacted to assist in the design of a bank stabilization project along Little Laughery Creek in Batesville, Indiana. Over time, heavy rains had eroded the creek bank back toward a wastewater storage area causing the overflow spillway from the wastewater treatment to degrade. In order to stop any further erosion, the creek had to be stabilized and the overflow spillway needed to be repaired.

combining hard and soft armor 1

For the creek bank stabilization the most critical zone needing protection was the toe. Dissipation of the energy in high creek flow events was accomplished by using Contech Engineered Solutions’ A-Jacks and Articulated Concrete Block Mats.

Contech Engineered Solutions’ A-Jacks are ‘jack’ shaped units that can be stacked in a pyramidal formation knocking the energy out of the flowing water. The A-Jacks also provide ample void space area for the deposit of sediment that can then be vegetated with deep rooting native plant species providing additional bank stabilization.

combining hard and soft armor 2

A-Jacks are delivered palletized and in two interlocking pieces. The interlocking installation process is easily done by hand and makes armoring the system a viable option over other traditional types of concrete armoring which is important when you are faced with a project that has limited access to heavy equipment.

Wells Excavating of Batesville, Indiana had never worked with the Contech units before but were able to place approximately 500’ of a three stack pyramid formation (1,820 total units) in only three working days! A leveling pad of stone was placed inside the geotextile lined trench that they created keeping the Contech units on grade along the bank.

combining hard and soft armor 3

Contech’s Articulated Concrete Block Mats were shipped to the site palletized and hand placed utilizing Contech’s Place and Lace installation guidelines reinforcing the wastewater plant’s overfill spillway. The Place and Lace technique consists of laying the articulated blocks onto the prepared subgrade, and then running the cables through with washers and crimps to secure.  This technique is also preferred when limited access is a concern.

combining hard and soft armor 4

Once the Contech Engineered Solutions’ A-Jacks and Articulated Concrete Block Mats were placed, the remainder of the bank stabilization was completed with native seeds and turf reinforcement mats.  Wells Excavating did an excellent job trenching the turf reinforcement mats against the Contech units and the articulated blocks to insure smooth transition points.

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