Managing Stormwater - PaveDrain - City of Lafayette

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Preparing roads for the worsening storms is becoming a top priority to many municipalities. In Indiana, the City of Lafayette recently took aim to protect their community’s watershed by installing a PaveDrain stormwater management system on Brown Street that will help reduce flooding and protect local waterways.


The PaveDrain system is made up of permeable concrete blocks creating a performance pavement that can be pre-assembled and customized to fit a variety of configurations. By efficiently handling stormwater runoff, the PaveDrain system recharged local groundwater and reduces pollutants from the road. The stormwater escapes through the gaps between the pavers during rainfall to a rock chamber beneath where the sediment and contaminants from the street will be removed allowing clean water to pass.

The easily installed PaveDrain system increases environmental performance, reduces stormwater infrastructure costs, and creates an attractive, permeable surface.


The City of Lafayette recently tested the water circulation of their new PaveDrain system by pushing 2500 gallons of water through the newly renovated road. Seeing 2500 gallons of water flow through the PaveDrain pavers is an impressive sight!

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