Buffington Harbor Dr Reconstruction - Gary, IN

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The project location (Gary, IN) is adjacent to Lake Michigan, and heavy spring rains resulted in an abnormally high water table. The high water table and the proposed pavement elevation limited how deep the contractor could undercut.


Tensar provided a two layer design to reduce the undercut depth and minimize disturbance with the high water table. A woven geotextile fabric was placed first to provide separation between the subgrade and the open graded No. 2 aggregate. TX190L geogrid was placed on top of the woven fabric with 6” of No. 2 stone to create a working platform. The No. 2 stone was static rolled to avoid any over pumping of the subgrade. Then the second layer of grid, TX160, was placed directly on top of the No. 2 stone and 7” of No. 53 stone was placed on top of the TX160. This was then compacted with a low-vibratory roller.


The two layer design passed proof-roll and the 12.5” asphalt section was then paved per plan on top of the 2 layer design.

Products Used:


  • Tensar