ACE Fiber Asphalt Reinforcement

ACE fiber asphalt reinforcementHistorically, Allen County, Indiana has had many problems on Tonkel Road due to heavy cracking at bridges and marshy areas. The county had tried interlayer products on this road previously without much success.

In the summer of 2016, D2 Land & Water Resource approached Allen County with a solution to the problems on Tonkel Road. D2 recommended that ACE Fiber, a high strength aramid fiber, be incorporated into the asphalt cement surface mix to prevent premature cracking and rutting as part of the mill and resurfacing of the troubled bridge.

Because of its ability to increase the structural strength and service life of asphalt cement, Margaret Hershberger of Allen County decided to see the benefits of ACE Fiber by applying it to the specific problem area on the bridge approaches.

On August 5, 2016, 170 tons of asphalt mixed with ACE Fiber was produced at the Brooks Construction asphalt plant in Auburn, Indiana. Prior to placing the surface mix with fibers, below grade patching was completed, thus giving a good base for the fiber overlay. This will allow the Allen County Highway Department to monitor the area where the fibers were used.

The addition of ACE Fiber to the asphalt will:

  • Increase the crack resistance by 140%
  • Resist thermal effects by 64%
  • Increase rut resistance by 60%
  • Reduce raveling by 30%
  • Increase service life by 50%
  • Increase the structure coefficient of asphalt from .41 to .52

The reinforced asphalt in this section of Tonkel Road will show an increase in crack resistance and rut resistance along with a reduction of thermal degradation with the ultimate goal of improving the service life of the road and saving taxpayer dollars.

Additional ACE Fiber asphalt reinforcement projects in Indiana slated for this fall are: New Albany, IN, Avon, IN, and Zionsville, IN.

If you’d like to learn more about ACE Fiber or how D2 Land & Water to help you achieve your civil engineering goals, contact us today!