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D2 Land & Water Resource is the premier engineered solutions provider in the Midwest.

Our mission is to provide the civil engineering community with site-specific solutions. Our engineered solutions are customized to meet your specific goals; whether driven by tight budget constraints, short timelines or other site needs, we can assist you in determining the best solutions for your project.


Working with D2 Land & Water Resources means you are working with professionals! At D2, we pride ourselves on offering top of the line engineered solutions customized to meet your project needs.

We will work with you to determine the best solutions for your site and its unique challenges by providing a wide-range of services and products from off-the-shelf items, to drafting of CAD details in our in-house CAD department.

Why Customers Choose Us

Experts in Everything

Our Sales Team consists of licensed P.E.s as well as CPESC certified professionals, and our Engineered Solutions team is lead by a Licensed Professional Engineer.

Expert Support Inception to Completion

We make a point to be with you from the very beginning of your project to fruition.

We Have All Products

There is an over 80% chance we have the product you need in-stock.

On-Site Assistance at Each Project

We will be on-site with you, helping you where you need.

Meet our Team

The D2 team has a combined 200+ years experience. We are here to help with your project solutions. How can we assist you?