8 Fun Facts About D2

You already know that D2 Land & Water Resource is the premier engineering solutions provider in the Midwest, but did you also know that:

1. D2 Land & Water Resource was founded in 2004 with the aim of being pioneers and advocates for the Clean Water Act in the Midwest. Our goal is to ensure water quality and to provide green sustainable solutions.

2. The D2 part of our name comes from the second division of construction information defined by the Construction Specifications Institute. Originally, Division 2 (D2) referred to Earthworks, however those divisions were updated in 2004 and Division 2 no longer refers to Earthworks, Division 31 does, while Division 2 now covers Existing Conditions. But we decided to keep the name anyway mostly because we like that it kind of sounds like R2D2. And who doesn’t like Star Wars?

3. Our team of licensed P.E.s and CPESC certified professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in Geosynthetics and Geogrids, Erosion and Sediment Control, Storm Water Management, Pervious and Permeable Pavements, and Pavement Reinforcements. Over 100 hundred years! That’s a lot of experience, that’s older than your grandma experience.

4. We have our own in-house CAD department and an extensive CAD library for reference, and we offer a full review and stamping of your stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP). We streamline the process, and speed up your project!

5. There are four D2 Land & Water Resource offices and warehouses in Indiana: Indianapolis, Gary, Ft Wayne, and Evansville. Those warehouses are stocked with a full line of Erosion Control, Geosynthetic, and Stormwater Management products. Whatever your project needs, we have it!

6. We domestically manufacture Coir Logs and Custom Silt Fence materials right here in downtown Indianapolis!

7. We like having company over for lunch. We offer lunchtime presentations, inspector training, and workshops in Indianapolis. All of our training courses come with fully accredited PDH/CEU hours. You can eat lunch and learn. Two birds, one company.

8. While we are based in the Midwest, we have completed bank stabilization projects across the country, from Cape Cod, all the way to Hawaii. From sea to shining sea basically.

by Sara Dillard